As a personal branding consultant, I believe that everyone has a unique genius—what’s yours?

Do you have an accumulated expertise, an innate way of doing something, or a special gift that you want to package for service and/or profit? Are you unable to articulate what is special or unique about your experience in a way that fully shows who you are? I am here to help you identify that genius, package it, and build a brand platform so you can share it with the world.

My genius is extracting what is special about YOU. I am gifted at finding the message you’ve been hiding, the expertise you’ve downplayed,  the skills you haven’t been able to bring to the forefront. I help you uncover your true strengths so you can leverage them for whatever it is that you want, whether that is a better job, more clients, speaking invitations, or simply the satisfaction of doing something amazing, and knowing you exhausted all of your creative potential and honored all of your talents in this life.

I’m a former full-time print journalist and a writer first by training and passion. As an award-winning public relations executive, I have helped non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses build buzz through events, publicity and social media campaigns.

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More About Me : I create. Relentlessly.

I have been called a “content machine,” by colleagues and truthfully, I have always been this way. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, I was known for writing poems (I have hundreds of old poems stashed away in notebooks and on old computers).

When I’m not working with individuals or speaking, I run the DC Social PR firm Mopwater Social PR, you may even find me blogging on my 5-year-old PR resource site.  I dig creative people, good music (Coltrane and Fela are favorites) art (Bearden, Basquiat, Kara Walker), my two bilingual boys, a good conversation and an expertly pulled shot of espresso.

I wear many hats, but among them are those of writer, mother, journalist, publicist, wife, artist, business owner and confidante.

My Clifton StrengthsFinder  – Top 5 Strengths  Achiever, Activator, Context, Learner, Strategic

My Personality ProfileINTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)

A few years ago, I took an 8-week online course and one of our assignments was to ask friends and family members what our most dominant traits were. Here’s how the closest people to me described me:

organized, expert, strategic, discerning, honest, loving, giving, sincere, ethical, trustworthy, empowering, wise, methodical, perceptive, creative, galvanizing, precise, imaginative, honest, encouraging, motivator, very loving, smart, creative, fun, approachable, tech savvy, from vision to implementation to elevation, resourceful, deliberate, whimsical, down to earth, relatable, informed, emotionally intelligent, supportive, loving, driven, disciplined, she delivers. 

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Amanda Miller Littlejohn is a top nationally recognized expert on personal branding. She is an idea oven, brand problem solver, and creative powerhouse working at the intersection of public relations, journalism, marketing and social media. A former print journalist and a writer first by training and passion, Amanda uses her unique storytelling lens and reporting skills to help her clients uncover and subsequently share better brand stories.   Amanda is a motivating business coach for high achievers who are seeking brand clarity, and fresh ideas on how to emerge as experts in their chosen fields. She helps you build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius so you can share it with the world.

As the founder of Washington, DC based PR firm Mopwater Social PR, Amanda helped organizations leverage mainstream media and publicity, blogs and social media campaigns to build buzz online and off. She quickly became known for using her journalistic training to dig deep to find the story behind the story – crafting an authentic brand message in the process. She now leverages that foundation of journalism and public relations in her work as a coach and the founder of Package Your Genius Academy  – a personal branding, leadership training and mentorship institute where high achievers learn to make themselves and their work visible in the digital age.

In 2014, Amanda distilled over a decade of public relations know-how into a personal branding toolkit aptly named The Branding Box. Since its inception, the Branding Box has helped hundreds of high achievers around the world clarify their brand message and create a strategy for authentic self promotion.

A highly sought after speaker, trainer and writer,  Amanda regularly speaks to groups of business owners, students and women on personal branding, public relations and social media. She regularly shares her expertise with media outlets like the Washington Post, Forbes, Huffington Post and Sirius XM.

In 2012, The National Black Public Relations Society’s named Amanda their Practitioner of the Year. PRWeek named her one of 50 Public Relations Innovators of 2015 and The BOSS Network named her one of its 50 Influential Business Women of 2016.



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