[Video] Graduating from behind the scenes student to out front expert and leader

I’m excited to share a new feature on the Package Your Genius podcast. I’ve been offering spot coaching sessions to people in my community to work through a specific personal branding challenge. My goal is to free good information from the “prison of one on one conversations” – so much of the advice many of us share could help exponentially more people if it were only positioned in a way to do that.

So here’s another stab at scaling my ideas – this time my one-on-one coaching expertise.

My first coaching episode features Dr. Veronica Womack, a social psychologist based in the Chicago area. Veronica is a researcher at Northwestern University Medical School where she’s researching the health implications of racism and sexism.

Fascinating, right?

Before our session, Veronica asked how she can effectively build a personal brand platform, step out of the shadows of large academic institutions, and start to create more of a personal following.

Package Your Genius

During the session we uncovered:

  • why Veronica initially avoided social media for her mental health
  • how she has unconsciously been stuck in student mode and why it’s time for her to move from behind the scenes student to out front leader
  • a strategy to find speaking engagements in front of her target audience
  • how she could reframe her fear of self promotion and move past it
  • how she could get started writing and publishing her ideas to position herself as a leading voice in mental health
  • her website for black professional women  – www.beneaththefacade.org

What do you think? Do you have additional ideas for her?

Listen to the episode or watch our conversation below.

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