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[Podcast] Package Your Childhood Genius – Finding Your Passions Early with @DJConnorB

I believe that childhood is when many of our passions emerge and are most pronounced. On episode 39, we hear from Connor Benjamin Littlejohn, aka DJ Connor B on Soundcloud and @DJConnorB on Twitter. Connor is an 8 year old music phenom (and my son) – a […]

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[Podcast] Why you should stop listening to the experts

  Does your dream have a list of prerequisites? In other words, “I have to have x,y and z in place before I can do what I really want to do…” How many times have you heard credible advice from coaches and experts that confirmed your list […]

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The gift and curse of the high achieving mindset

How did your childhood experiences shape your relationship to achievement? How do you go after praise, and how do you process praise and applause once you receive it? Do you ever find yourself achieving for achievement’s sake only to find that your accomplishments fail to register or, […]

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5 reasons you sabotage yourself by not asking for help #podcast

    When was the last time you felt in over your head about a family situation? When was the last time you felt out of your depth about a challenge in your business? When you had clearly exhausted all of your solutions and you had no more […]

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When the holidays are hard – dealing with the sadness, regret and disappointment that can come with the season #podcast

  Therapist in residence Dr. Reisha Moxley joined me as a co-host on this episode of Package Your Genius. Together we discuss the difficult feelings that can come up during the holiday season, how to deal with sadness, dissolved relationships and friendships, what to do with feelings […]

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