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I believe that childhood is when many of our passions emerge and are most pronounced.

On episode 39, we hear from Connor Benjamin Littlejohn, aka DJ Connor B on Soundcloud and @DJConnorB on Twitter. Connor is an 8 year old music phenom (and my son) – a pianist, composer and producer who has already jammed with the likes of Grammy award-winning Robert Glasper – his musical idol.

Connor talks about finding his passion for music as early as 2 years of age, why he’s so disciplined about producing new music, his experience meeting his musical idol Robert Glasper, how and where he gets ideas for his songs and how he goes about bringing them to life.

He shares two of the four songs from his latest EP “Return of the B” and plays a new untitled original tune on piano.

Enjoy the interview with this dynamic young genius – you may be inspired to revisit your childhood passions.

Package Your Genius Episode 39

Mentioned in the episode:
Connor’s 2016 jam session with Robert Glasper at age 7  – Watch the Video

Connor’s early composition – spoon on counter at age 2 – Watch the Video

Connor’s early composition – banging on the kitchen door at age 2 – Watch the Video

Connor’s new EPReturn of the B


Connect with Connor and let him know what you think!

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