[The Personal Branding Journey] Atlanta-based DJ Lyris on Prioritizing Purpose over Everything

DJ Lyris, an Atlanta-based DJ and music entrepreneur, answered the call of purpose. Several years ago, the bank regulator noticed a growing passion for music and after honing her skills as a DJ she decided to take things to the next level.

She joined cohort III of my signature personal branding group training program – Package Your Genius Academy to figure out how to create an income stream from the passion she’d been happy to offer for free.

Lyris and I caught up to discuss how she helps spread happiness through her custom mixes, and how she’s found fun moving into creating custom soundtracks for hotels, lounges, restaurants and gyms.

Since the academy, she has gained more confidence in her ability to market her business and monetize the services she’d previously been offering for free. She’s seen more opportunities come her way and she’s been able to seize them with her newfound perspective.

Personal Branding Workshop

Lyris and I discussed her personal branding journey including:

  • how she uncovered a passion for music and honed her dj skills in Atlanta
  • how she set out to monetize and productize her dj services beyond live performances
  • how she’s balancing her passion with her day job
  • why she has prioritized more happier days and her purpose over everything, including money
  • why it won’t necessarily be easy to juggle your job, your passion and a major learning opportunity like PYGA
  • why at a certain point you have to just go for it

Listen to Lyris’s inspiring personal branding journey or watch my interview with her below!

Mentioned during the interview:


If you need a little more inspiration to close this year strong, a few of my Package Your Genius Academy students will be sharing how they answered the call on my podcast. Check iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts for Package Your Genius and look for the Personal Branding Journey miniseries. There you’ll hear from amazing professionals who had expertise, fears and goals just like you. Hear how they honored their intuition and went for it!

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