The 3 Questions You Must Answer Before 2017

The 3 Questions You Must Answer Before 2017


Use these questions for your New Year Goal Setting

The end of the year is an incredible time to assess the past twelve months and put a plan in place for the coming year.

But many people don’t know the first place to start when it comes to assessing where they are, evaluating their current opportunities, and mapping out a plan to get where they want to go.

Every single year I ask myself three very specific but simple questions to get clarity around what I want to do in my life and career.

These questions have helped me gain so much clarity that I started sharing them with clients and made them the basis of a successful year-end brand planning event.

If you are ready to pivot, trying to make a big change, or feel like you are stuck in a rut, reflect over 2016.

Then ask yourself these three questions to help you evaluate the past, identify new areas of promise and start 2017 off on the right track.

What energized me the most?

When you look back over the past year, what are some of the experiences and people that most energized you? Your energy does not lie, and is a clue to the things, places and people you are most passionate about! Where there is ease, effortlessness, and energy, you are typically doing what you were put on earth to do. So think about the different times over the past year when you felt excited about your work, and excited about the people around you. Was there a special project you took on outside of your department or a volunteer opportunity you assumed that energized you? Those are the experiences and people you should cultivate in the new year.

Where did I add value?

Whenever I am advising my coaching clients who are trying to figure out what to do with their businesses or careers, one of the first places I look is where they have added values in the lives of others. You may want to focus your energy in a specific area, but do you have demonstrated feedback from your audience? If you’re looking for new career or business opportunities, you should determine where the world is already affirming your talents and skills. So at work, were you able to help move the needle on a specific project? Or were you able to make an impact on a specific sector of the business? What did people at home repeatedly thank you for? What did your colleagues, family members and community repeatedly ask for your help with? These are clues to where you’re already adding value whether you’re aware of the value you’re adding or not.

What do I want more of?

This simple question can unlock fulfillment at home, at work and in our relationships. Look back over the past year’s experiences and ask yourself which ones made your life more enjoyable? Then intentionally make a plan to integrate more of those activities, projects or people into your routine next year.

If most of your happy moments were working with a specific type of client, for example, can you intentionally go after more clients like that next year?

If you had the best vacations of your life with a new friend, can you intentionally plan more trips together this year? If you felt more alive and made tons of new friends when you traveled solo abroad, can you go ahead and plan another international trip this year? Did you feel an unexpected joy as you uncovered your dormant culinary side when you took a cooking class after work? Can you take more cooking classes, or find a new class to take? Whatever brought you joy and contentment, design your life in a way that allows you to experience more of that

If you’d like a simple worksheet to help you plan your focus areas for next year, download my Brand Energy Assessment here. This is the same exercise I use each year and it will help you assess what’working, and  what’s not so you can experience more amazing moments next year.

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