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Who Am I?

I’m Amanda Miller Littlejohn, and I’m a personal branding coach and PR pro who’s here to help experts like you build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius.

Get to know me in two minutes:

What Do I Believe?

I believe that everyone has a unique genius, and if you should choose to package your genius for profit, you should be able to. I believe that if you’re truly great at what you do, your business or brand shouldn’t suffer just because you’re not great at marketing. In that way, I believe in the ridiculously talented underdog, because I don’t think it’s fair when only the people who have access to certain resources or relationships get to taste success.

What do I value?

I value clarity. Authenticity. Recognizing and making good on one’s gifts.

Intellect – I’m drawn to subject matter experts, nerds, thought leaders, voracious readers, lifelong learners, researchers – people who know a whole lot about something, and have the guts to say something new.

Maverick – I like the risk takers, big thinkers and game changers. I love a person who is willing to step out with a bold new idea, and a fresh approach to a common problem.

Multi-passionate people who are excited about life.  Excited people make me excited! Personally, I’m never bored.

How do I work?

I’m no nonsense and brutally honest.

I’m intuitive and caring, but I will call you on your b.s.

I’ve worked as a journalist, so I’m pretty good at reading between the lines.

In addition to giving you strategies and tactics to increase your visibility, I also pride myself on helping you identify your patterns so you can remove the mental blocks that are in the way of your advancement.

Who do I work with?

High achievers who have spent a considerable time rising through the ranks but have now reached a crossroads and want to pivot; they are ready to get more intentional about how they use their gifts and talents moving forward.

Small business owners who want to become the go-to expert  in their fields.

Consultants and service providers who need to be top of mind, or need to gain the trust of persnickety customers. You know that more media = more visibility, more credibility and ultimately more profitability.

Experts and authors who need to become recognized thought leaders so that they can command higher speaking fees or fill their seminars, workshops and courses more quickly.

Stand-out employees who want to rise within the ranks, land the big promotion,  or make themselves more attractive for the next big opportunity.

Sound like you? Let’s start here.

Coaching and Consulting Packages 

I use my signature 5 step Package Your Genius methodology to help my clients shine. Here are the current ways you can work with me as your small business consultant and personal branding coach:

Strategy Days  – If you’re looking for better language to describe what your company does, insight into your value proposition, or a strategy to tackle social media and content creation for your organization, small business, or department – and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and knock it out in one glorious sitting – a strategy day is for you. Learn More

Brand Clarity + Strategy  Package– If you’re wondering about what special niche you can occupy, and need some hand-holding to help you get clarity, this package is for you. During our initial session, I work with you one on one over ninety minutes to teach you how to use the 5 elements of personal brand positioning to build your brand, develop your income stream and get clients lined up for your business.  Learn More

FULL SERVICE  BRANDING + PR: Web Development, Graphic Design and PR for Experts – if you want brand strategy coupled with execution, you may be a good candidate for our full service options to create your visual branding, develop your website, and/or handle your PR. These days, in addition to my brand coaching work, I serve as public relations strategist (media placements, etc.) and creative director on visual branding projects (graphic design, web development) on retainer with a select few experts  – clients who especially pique my interest and ignite my passions for history, social justice, business, culture, or health. Learn More

What People Are Saying

Christine Dorsey McGowan“I hired Amanda to help me with personal branding and positioning as I embark on a new career. She impressed me with her ability to listen closely and tease out the highlights of my career that truly shine. She is a great PR coach who made me think of aspects of my experience I had not considered, and helped me be a lot less modest about my accomplishments. I HIGHLY recommend Amanda as a personal branding strategist and PR coach for anyone considering a career change.”

– Christine Dorsey McGowan | National Wildlife Refuge Association



IMG_8386.JPG“When I first launched my book 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I reached out to Amanda ago help us increase our visibility and to get the word out about my book. Amanda helped us secure numerous TV and radio segments that helped catapult my book to a national bestseller! Her overall professionalism, creativity and commitment to my project was sensational!”

– JJ Smith | Weight Loss Expert, Nutritionist  at JJ Smith, and Author of the New York Times Bestselling 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse


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“I left our session not overwhelmed with info, but with the clear, actionable steps, the inspiration, and even the fab reading list I needed to move forward with my business vision.  She was just the oomph I needed.  Amanda helped me to realize the value of my skills and services, and to become confident in what I have to offer.  She’s the ideal coach.

Amanda’s approach is not a cookie-cutter one—she took the time to understand my passions, vision and goals, and used that intel to define a plan best suited for me.  Since our session, I’ve acquired two new clients and transitioned existing clients into more profitable services.  How’s that for ROI?”

 – Stefanie Manns | Words by Stef



“I contacted Amanda for her 90-Minute Brand Brainstorm session. I wanted feedback on my strategies for repositioning one of my businesses. I was pleasantly surprised on what we were able to accomplish in 90 minutes. Amanda is sharp and insightful. She understood my vision right away and provided sound guidance. From the strategic to the tactical, we talked through a wide range of issues, and she helped me reach clarity.

I left the coaching session with a specific action plan, so our time wasn’t all spent on theory. In fact, I’m still doing my homework. I accomplished more with Amanda in 90 minutes than I have in months with other coaches.”

– Lynford Morton | PhotoTourDC – iBrandPhoto


personal branding client Linnita Hosten



“I am almost afraid to do these things because I know the message will spread like wildfire. But I am going to commit to seeing my dream unveil. Thank you, Amanda! You are worth every penny!”

– Linnita Hosten | Motivational Speaker for Youth 





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“Amanda’s personal branding is a necessary prerequisite if you want to expand your personal economy and thrive in that economy. We all have a “personal gift”. We’re all special in some way. So we all have the raw materials to create economic value. Amanda will help you brand your gift so that you can make a living and share your gifts at the same time.”

– Economist Jerome S. Paige, PhD  | Paige and Associates – Economic, Business & Organizational Consulting

Dana V Shelley


“Her thoughtful coaching kept me focused and inspired to meet my goals. Amanda’s positive energy, exceptional listening skills and experience as a consultant helped me navigate personal challenges that were keeping me from seeing the strengths and opportunities of my own brand…I continue to draw on the lessons and feedback I gained from working with Amanda.”

– Dana Vickers Shelley | DVStrategies // The Southern Poverty Law Center


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 “When I first met with Amanda my ideas were all over the place. I was a popular blogger, but I wanted to take my message and my brand to another level through speaking, events, and courses. Amanda, helped me pinpoint my strengths to work with intention. I came from our sessions with action steps to revitalize my brand, ideas to generate real income, and a plan for how to sustain during the lean months. It’s only been three months and with faith, hard work, and a plan my lifestyle brand is beginning to thrive.”
–  Julia Coney | Travel Writer and Beauty Expert at All About the Pretty



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“My session with Amanda was outstanding. I stumbled upon her website and realized that I could benefit from a little more direction in my new business. Within the first 20 minutes I had “golden nuggets” to take home and start implementing. Amanda is sweet, funny and caring. I would work with her again, without hesitation.”

– Rani Robinson-Kiganda | Craft Web Solutions




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