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Here is what others have had to say about me as a personal branding coach, small business mentor and pr consultant.



“For the past five years, I’ve  toyed with the idea of starting a business. Even though I had broad ideas, I didn’t know where to start. When I finally made the decision to start a consulting company, I knew what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to do it. Then I started working with Amanda.

Not only did she walk me through personal branding strategies to launch my company, she also transformed the way I perceived business. Specifically as it relates to branding, she made me visually attractive to the world by overhauling my social media outlets, designing a top-notch website, and creating professional collateral materials.  In addition to the technical expertise she has demonstrated, Amanda has served as a thought partner. I successfully exited corporate America and have more work than I can handle with my company. I am working on the launch of a new arm of the business. After years of being confused with the launch of my company, Amanda’s work is the reason for my dream coming true.”

– Dr. Keith Stephenson | School Culture Consultant at KS Leadership Consulting


Marissa Nelson xoxo therapy

“When I first contacted Amanda, I was passionate about my therapy services, but frustrated because I was new to my industry and no one knew about me. As a young therapist and newly minted business owner, I knew I was providing life-changing, relationship-saving therapy services to my clients, but I was lost when it came to getting my name out there.
Hiring Amanda transformed my business. Within the first two weeks of retaining her, she’d placed me on two television stations where I got to share my expertise. During the course of six months, I was able to do numerous other television segments on Fox, ABC, radio interviews, speaking engagements and was even featured by the Washington Post. Amanda and her team secured me a coveted contributor spot at my favorite national weddings magazine, so my expertise can reach newly engaged brides who are a perfect fit for my therapy services.  Now mainstream publications are reaching out to me for my thoughts on mainstream news!
Aside from the great exposure, since hiring Amanda my web traffic is up and my clientele has grown significantly.   I went from booking two clients each week to booking twenty clients each week, and I doubled my hourly rate.  This has truly been a game changer.  Amanda and team are results-oriented for sure, but they’re also sage, thought partners who strive to understand your genius and truly help you package it in the best way possible to reach your customers and the world.”
– Marissa Nelson | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Owner, xoxo Therapy


Angelique“I was thrilled with Amanda’s work ethic, her creativity and her results. So if you’re looking for a great PR person who will strive to understand your needs, bring you new ideas and help you think strategically about your business, talk to Amanda. She rocks!

– Angelique Rewers | The Corporate Agent and INSIDE EDGE Conference



IMG_8386.JPG“When I first launched my book 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I reached out to Amanda ago help us increase our visibility and to get the word out about my book. Amanda helped us secure numerous TV and radio segments that helped catapult my book to a national bestseller! Her overall professionalism, creativity and commitment to my project was sensational!”

– JJ Smith | Weight Loss Expert, Nutritionist  at JJ Smith, and Author of the New York Times Bestselling 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse




“I have a full load, I run a global brand, and I move at 100mph. But Amanda, in a very clever way, was able to get me to slow down so we could extract the most compelling part of my story – confirming what I know I need to get out in the world.  She helped me get clarity so that I could honor it. I could see the significance of her questions which pointed out what was truly special about my story. I went home and did a data dump, and now I am working on my book.

Talking to Amanda gave me a sense of clarity on what to deliver and possibility; it gave me an understanding of what I could do, and I wasn’t overwhelmed by it.”
Dee Marshall  | Dee Marshall / Girlfriends Pray
Sheila Portable Incoms

“When I came to Amanda, I was looking for someone to help me do what I do for other people, which is to help them to see their gifts and strengths and monetize them. I have had a lot of success in my life and am living my dreams of permanent travel, entrepreneurship, etc… however, I was not able to determine exactly what people would be most interested in paying me for as I brand myself as a business on my own. Amanda helped me to see a slant/strategy that I was blind to.”

– Sheila Brown |  Portable Incomes



photo 1

“My Brand Brainstorming session with Amanda was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. The ideal first step to establishing a new venture, the session provided expert insight on everything from setting prices, identifying my ideal customers, and structuring an attractive product offering.

I’ve taken workshops geared towards new entrepreneurs before, and while I received good tidbits of information, it was difficult for me to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.  My starting point remained fuzzy, and I felt stalled and uncertain.  Working with Amanda provided the clarity I needed to take the first steps towards starting a profitable business.

I left our session not overwhelmed with info, but with the clear, actionable steps, the inspiration, and even the fab reading list I needed to move forward with my business vision.  She was just the oomph I needed.  Amanda helped me to realize the value of my skills and services, and to become confident in what I have to offer.  She’s the ideal coach.

Amanda’s approach is not a cookie-cutter one—she took the time to understand my passions, vision and goals, and used that intel to define a plan best suited for me.  Since our session, I’ve acquired two new clients and transitioned existing clients into more profitable services.  How’s that for ROI?”

 – Stefanie Manns | Words by Stef 



Christine Dorsey McGowan

“I hired Amanda to help me with personal branding and positioning as I embark on a new career. She impressed me with her ability to listen closely and tease out the highlights of my career that truly shine. She is a great PR coach who made me think of aspects of my experience I had not considered, and helped me be a lot less modest about my accomplishments. I HIGHLY recommend Amanda as a personal branding strategist and PR coach for anyone considering a career change.”

– Christine Dorsey McGowan | National Wildlife Refugee Association



Lyn“I contacted Amanda for her 90-Minute Brand Brainstorm session. I wanted feedback on my strategies for repositioning one of my businesses. I was pleasantly surprised on what we were able to accomplish in 90 minutes. Amanda is sharp and insightful. She understood my vision right away and provided sound guidance. From the strategic to the tactical, we talked through a wide range of issues, and she helped me reach clarity.
I left the coaching session with a specific action plan, so our time wasn’t all spent on theory. In fact, I’m still doing my homework. I accomplished more with Amanda in 90 minutes than I have in months with other coaches.

Lynford Morton | PhotoTourDC – iBrandPhoto


photo copy


“My 90 minutes with Amanda was outstanding. I stumbled upon her website and realized that I could benefit from a little more direction in my new business. Within the first 20 minutes I had “golden nuggets” to take home and start implementing. Amanda is sweet, funny and caring. I would work with her again, without hesitation.”

– Rani Robinson-Kiganda | Craft Web Solutions



“Working with Amanda was one of the best business investments that I have made. Her professionalism and expertise was exactly what I needed to push me to the next level. She was a true coach; she provided me with motivational words of encouragement but was not afraid to give me a “swift kick” when needed.  When I grew frustrated, one of the main reasons I did not give up is because I knew I had an appointment in Amanda’s office and I needed to have updates for her.  Amanda is enthusiastic, resourceful, intuitive and creative. She will inspire you to  try new ideas and step outside of your comfort zone. If you follow her advice, you will get results, guaranteed!”

– Samantha McCoy | Mission Key Communications 



Dana V Shelley“I hired Amanda Miller Littlejohn to jumpstart the branding efforts of my independent consultancy. Her thoughtful coaching, supported by detailed worksheets and planning documents, kept me focused and inspired to meet my goals.Amanda’s positive energy, exceptional listening skills and experience as a consultant helped me navigate personal challenges that were keeping me from seeing the strengths and opportunities of my own brand. Her coaching process is ideal for the communications professional who is more adept at promoting the work of others rather than themselves.I continue to draw the lessons and feedback I gained from working with Amanda.”

Dana Vickers Shelley | DV Strategies 


photo 2


“Two words: GAME CHANGING. As a coach, I highly value individuals who can help you see beyond what is visible, to what is possible.

Amanda helped me see the BIG POSSIBLE PICTURE for myself and my coaching practice. She’s amazing!”

Ali Rodway | Ali Rodway Coaching 



photo copy 10“I am so very happy I had the opportunity to participate in Amanda’s “Package Your Genius” micro course. As someone who worked for years for Fortune 10 companies, then branched out to begin her own business, I found myself seeking to create a brand identity for “Product: Me”. “Me” being more than just the face of my company, but also an expert in small business ownership, and what it takes to successfully transition from corporate executive to budding entrepreneur.

Package Your Genius helped me identify my unique strengths and provided several potential vehicles for displaying them. Ever since I took the course, my mental wheels have been spinning and strategizing. I even went back and listened to the audio an additional time to ensure I captured all of Amanda’s wisdom. I now feel much more confident about my personal brand strategy and have even developed a solid plan for the goals I will achieve with all I learned.”

– Gwen Jimmere | Founder and CEO at Naturalicious 


photo 1


“Before Package Your Genius, I needed help with identifying my strengths and properly positioning myself to go to market. The micro course helped me to develop a clear, concise, and articulate message in order to monetize my expertise. Now I am excited for what the future holds and the level of clientele I will begin to attract.”

– Herschel Chalk | CEO and Managing Director of Niche Market Strategies


personal branding client Linnita Hosten


“I am almost afraid to do these things because I know the message will spread like wildfire. But I am going to commit to seeing my dream unveil. Thank you, Amanda! You are worth every penny!”

Linnita Hosten | Motivational Speaker for Youth 



photo 4

“Amanda’s personal branding is a necessary prerequisite if you want to expand your personal economy and thrive in that economy. We all have a “personal gift”. We’re all special in some way. So we all have the raw materials to create economic value. Amanda will help you brand your gift so that you can make a living and share your gifts at the same time.”

– Jerome S. Paige, PhD | Paige and Associates – Economic, Business & Organizational Consulting


photo 1 copy
“When I first met with Amanda my ideas were all over the place. I was a popular blogger, but I wanted to take my message and my brand to another level through speaking, events, and courses. Amanda, helped me pinpoint my strengths to work with my intentions. I came from our sessions with action steps to revitalize my brand, ideas to generate real income, and a plan for how to sustain during the lean months. It’s only been three months and with faith, hard work, and a plan my lifestyle brand is beginning to thrive.”
–  Julia Coney | Travel Writer and Beauty Expert at All About the Pretty


photo 1 copy 3

 “Amanda’s Branding Box was very useful in helping me land speaking engagements and strategize for coaching sessions. At times, I struggle with putting my ideas into action and Amanda’s toolkit provided a very practical strategy to acquire clients and turn those clients into revenue. The contents of the Branding Box provided me with the confidence I needed to go out and secure my own clients. For those that have the drive and desire, but need the strategy to get going…I highly recommend using this product!”

– Michael Shaw | Vertical Lead – Sports, Groupon



photo 2 copy 3

 “When I ordered the Branding Box, I felt like I had so many personal interests that I wanted to incorporate into a business. Amanda and the Branding Box helped me understand what was a business/profit center vs what was a creative passion, outlet or hobby. I had so many ‘aha” moments.

Since ordering the box and my session with Amanda, I have my first speaking engagment on leadership; I was selected to help my regional vice president with a new project on employee engagement, and I now know to document all of my success.

The Branding Box helped me collect my thoughts and put things down on paper. It served as the first step to a successful process. Step two is the little book of brand lessons which speaks volumes and has some of the best nuggets of info blended with motivation!!! Finally the brainstorm session was amazing! This is the perfect program towards personal branding success.”

– Ramonica Gamble | Reinvention Strategist and Corporate Group Lead at Enterprise  Rent-a-Car

photo copy 9

“I am in the process of forming my business.When I signed up for Package Your Genius, I needed to hone in on what skills and talents I wanted to monetize. Amanda’s words about being an expert and charging for your expertise really hit home with me. The Package Your Genius workbook and resources have really helped me to hone in on what it is I want and need to do next.

The class gave me a strategy to prioritize and monetize my passions and purpose. Now I am laying the foundation to market my new business with confidence and a road map!

The class was great! I could Amanda’s energy and enthusiasm through the phone! I courd really tell that she took time in preparing for the class. Looking forward to the next training session.”

Crystal Allen Dallas | Chief Creative Strategist at Excel Business Concepts, LLC

photo 2


“As a participant in Package Your Genius, I took 11 pages of notes in addition to the worksheet. The timing was nothing more than perfect. [Package Your Genius] definitely ignited something in me.”

– Michelle Curtis-Bailey  | Higher Education Achievement Coach



photo 1 copy

“When I was looking for insights into strengthening my brand through some pivoting I was doing in my business, Package Your Genius helped me to ask the right questions to clarify my strengths and give me next steps to better serve my clients. Now I am able to change course with confidence and work on my growing business.”

– Andre Blackman | Brand Strategist for Healthcare Innovators at Pulse + Signal




“The Package Your Genius micro course helped me to implement a plan to get my expertise out to my target audience. Amanda’s easy style of teaching was helpful and provided practical ways of building my brand.”

– Lacrecia Dangerfield | Leadership and Lifestyle Strategist at L. Dangerfield Consulting

“Amanda helped me to find the common traits of the people that I Laura Knightswas working with so I could get a clearer picture of my ideal client and the value I offer.  She recommended that I create a new offering that is poised to become my signature service. After working with Amanda, I started to act on plans that I had been mulling over for the previous three months. I was so motivated to move forward! As a result, I have implemented a new signature business training for service-provider entrepreneurs, booked three major corporate  speaking engagements in the last three months, and I’m in the process of rebranding my website to reflect the clearer focus in my business.”

– Laura E. Knights, MSW | Coach for Women Entrepreneurs 

photo 2

“Amanda helped me to recognize the valuable information I have to share with other women who are ready to make a change in their lives but may not actually know how to, and she recommended that I begin creating content and live events to expose my brilliance among others who need it to move forward in their lives now.  After working with Amanda, I immediately started implementing the action steps she recommended during our session. As a result, my business has grown with new clients and a bigger following online, and I feel so amazing to share what I know with women across the world on a growing platform.”

Dr. Teneka Steed | Statistician, Marketing Strategist and Coach 



“I felt that my business was at a crossroads with an exciting service offering and wanted to establish the right platform to expand beyond my natural markets and become a national force in investment management. I wanted to get Amanda’s input on what I’ve done heretofore and what I should do going forward, so I set up a 90 minute brand brainstorm session.

First, Amanda really focused on what I was doing well already which is always encouraging for a business owner who rarely gets honest or critical feedback. Then she moved to showing me a number of opportunities to reach my full potential as a business owner in terms of reaching a national audience and creating a more professional image.

I felt I was at a cross roads with how to market my service offering, but after speaking with Amanda I felt ready to hit the ground running with several ideas for content marketing and who I should be marketing to. I am definitely moving in the right direction now!”

– Maurice Wilson | Wilson Wealth

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