5 Podcast Interviews to Inspire and Motivate You this Fall


I’ve been working on some really amazing things this summer – during the month of July I took some time to reflect and process. July 26 marked my personal New Year, and this birthday was a pretty significant one. As such, it caused me to really THINK about where I’ve been, where I’m going and how I want to use my gifts.

Thankfully, during my weeks of introspection I got a crystal clear picture of how things are going to be over the next 2 years. Clarity is so exciting.

One of those big projects is my new website – Package Your Genius Academy – which is now live! Check out the site when you get a chance and let me know what you think!

But anyway, I took a break from Package Your Genius (not to worry, we have some new episodes in the queue). But while I took a break from interviewing, I did have the fortune to sit on the other side of the microphone. I was a guest on several podcast and radio interviews this summer. I think you’ll enjoy at least one of them. Please share them with someone you know who could use the info.

Create an Exchange of Value

First, I went back up to the Wharton School to be a guest on Women @ Work – a weekly show powered by Sirius XM Radio and hosted by Laura Zarrow. Wharton graciously gave me the audio file, so even if you’re not a Sirius XM customer, you can still listen to the conversation. We talked about why there has to be “an exchange of value” between you and your audience, in order to ultimately grow your business. Listen to the interview here

Follow Your Energy

Then I was also a guest on Rana Campbell‘s Dreams in Drive podcast. I hate listening to myself talk, but I made myself listen to this conversation and found that it is actually one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. In it, we talked about the importance of following your energy to determine who you really are, and what you should build your personal brand around. Listen to the interview and learn about Rana’s podcast and Dreams in Drive community here.

Don’t Take Your Dreams for Granted

Later, I was a guest on Elayne Fluker’s Support is Sexy podcast where I got a little more personal than usual (there may have been tears : ). In this interview, Elayne and I discussed why it’s so important to have the audacity to follow your dreams, because your vision was given to you and nobody else. Listen to the interview and learn about Elayne’s podcast and community here.

Personal Branding for Photographers

Lynford Morton invited me on Shutterbug Life – his podcast and online community for photographers. We talked about building your personal brand in order to promote your photography business whether you’re an enthusiast, hobbyist or full-time photographer. We discussed how to identify your niche and communicate with them in a way that makes them want to hire you. Listen to the interview and learn about Lynford’s podcast and community for photographers here.

Pivot Your Brand and What You’re Known For

If you’re in business or your career long enough, ultimately you’ll want to do something different. But in order to do that, you’ll have to become known for something different. Adrienne Graham, host of Mogul Chix was gracious enough to have me on her show recently to talk about making a pivot with your brand. If you are no longer moved by your brand, or you feel like you want to do something new but aren’t sure where to start, listen to the interview and learn about Adrienne’s Mogul Chix Community here.

Which of these interviews inspired you? What did you get out them?

Let me know!

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