[Podcast] Why you should stop listening to the experts



Does your dream have a list of prerequisites?

In other words, “I have to have x,y and z in place before I can do what I really want to do…”

How many times have you heard credible advice from coaches and experts that confirmed your list of prerequisites and echoed your own mental dialogue that says “I’m not ready yet! I don’t have everything in place to move forward on my ideas!”?

When fear is at play, I suspect that we subconsciously seek out confirmation from others so we have a valid excuse why we don’t have to act. Because while ideas and dreams are great, but acting on them can be difficult, anxiety-inducing and scary.

When we fail to launch because we are waiting to go after what we want until after we take a class, or get a degree, or save $100k, or lose 30 lbs, or have 50k Instagram followers – we may be using our checklists and advice from coaches and courses to validate our fears and delay the emotionally hard work of stepping up and being seen.

When we do that, we could be falling into what author Tara Mohr calls “This Before That” – a hiding strategy that she details in her book Playing Big – I interviewed her for episode 26 of the podcast.

When you sign up for a coaching session, enroll in a program or pick up a book to tell you how to do a particular thing, be careful not to fall into the trap of waiting to pull the trigger on your ideas before you’ve checked every single item off of your coach or program’s to do list.

Ask yourself if you using preparation as a way to procrastinate on your purpose. Are you perhaps using your list of “should haves” as justification for why you’ve yet to put yourself out there?

Don’t let your list of “shoulds” and prerequisites keep you from pursuing your goals. Sometimes hard work, passion, heart and old-fashioned hustle can beat the most well-thought out strategy any day. There’s always going to be something we can improve to make our products or services better. But everything doesn’t have to be perfect before we take the first step.

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